For you and
your hectic life style.

Two-minute skin care
that wraps you gently with its aqua floral scent.

We made it as easy as possible
so that it fits into your everyday routine.

Many women spend more than 10 minutes on skin care every morning and night.

This takes time and money as it is necessary to buy a variety of items such as cleansing cream, face wash, toner, serum, lotion, face pack and cream.

However, with Bbeau, you can care for your skin with only cleansing lotion and skin conditioner, and this makes it very easy and economical.

You can minimize the stress on your skin because you can take care of your skin without spending too much time on it.

Bbeau is a skin care system that enables you to fulfill your goal of thoroughly looking after your skin even when you are very busy.

Bbeau skincare
Bbeau cleansing lotion

Bbeau Cleansing Lotion

Cleansing lotion enables you to thoroughly remove make-up or dirt even when your hands are wet, with a refreshing wash out.

It contains more than 20 kinds of beauty elements, and this enables you to care for your skin perfectly while cleansing.

In addition to this, it contains the extract of three kinds of red flowers, Rosa Centifolia, Hill Cherry, and Hibiscus, and help your skin with anti-aging effects such as anti-oxidative and antimicrobial action.

How to use
Apply to the skin using plenty of cotton. Wipe gently after rubbing in a sufficient amount of eye makeup and foundation.
Bbeau Skin Conditioner

Bbeau Skin Conditioner

The nano-sized active ingredients of this skin conditioner penetrate deeply into the skin and provide reliable moisturization without stickiness.

With a blend of 24 cosmetic ingredients, it has anti-aging benefits as well as providing rehydration and moisturization.

The extract of three purple flowers “mallow”, “lavender”, and “cornflower” provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, as well as protecting and tightening the skin.

How to use
Add an appropriate amount to the palm of your hand or to cotton after cleansing and rub it in your hands with a light padding motion.
Bi-continuous prescriptionBi-continuous prescription

Bi-continuous prescription
that cleansing power is not reduced even when used with wet hands

You can remove dirt and have that fresh washed feeling even with wet hands.

With previous cleaning agents, there was the disadvantage that emulsification would occur when mixed with water, and its effectiveness would be lost.

Bbeau skincare uses the “bio-continuance prescription” to control the dissolved state of the cleansing elements (surfactants) in water and oil, and when mixed with water, reliably removes make-up dirt.

Nanoliposome prescriptionNanoliposome prescription

Nanoliposome prescription
that penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin

The skin has a membrane, which acts as a barrier to water and oil, and protects our bodies.

However, there is the issue that this barrier makes it difficult for the active ingredients of cosmetics to penetrate deeply in the skin.

With Bbeau skincare, using “nanoliposome prescription”, the active ingredients are in a fine capsule structure, and are delivered deeply into the skin where, previously, the active ingredients could not pass.

Bbeau skincare

Aquafloral fragrance
that gently envelopes

Bbeau skincare has paid particular attention to its fragrance as well.

Like a perfume, it is blended with the image of a top note (first fragrance), middle note (main fragrance), and last note (remaining fragrance), giving it a gentle aquafloral aroma.

Everyday skincare turns into healing time.

Skincare. Simply this.

Skincare for people
who put everything into their work and private lives.